Best Creation Award 2019



AWARD Founding philosophy:

We propose the leading salon style in the world


Tagline :

We make the Future


History of RAZARTE

1987,   Mass production trial completed. In case. Continue to develop and improve techniques and
      instruments.  (About 15 years)

2001,   A model made of titanium is completed,  

2002,   Sales start
      Shogakkan 'Lapita' magazine posted interview articles

2003,   Won the Good Design Award

2005,〜  Exhibited at Long Beach ISSE, Start classroom,
      (Every year except for interruption due to the disaster)

2008,  HAIRART in the United States became the point of sale in the United States.
     We demonstrated in Chicago, NY, Florida, and so on.
     Received Tool of the Year from US Specialty Paper (Salon Plus magazine)

2011,  The production factory was affected by the great earthquake,
     Production stopped temporarily. (The spread business continued with inventory items)  

2014,  HAIRART in the United States commenced production of low price version.
     Exhibition of technology in Hong Kong, Brazil and Thailand.     

2017,  New domestic production system will be established and production will resume
     Titanium for medical use is adopted as a material.

2017,  A technical textbook was published from Shin Biyo Publishing Co.
    「Let's Enjoy Razor cutting ・ RAZARTE」 was published.
     Holding a classroom at the request of the Japan-Russia Association of Vladivostok.

2018,  Held classrooms with Long Beach, Beijing, Vladivostok.
     Contracted a partnership with HAIRART
     EducationTeam USA established.


2019, Founded Best Creation Award 
Felipe Rodrigues of Brazil wins


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