Hair Design

Shinbiyou      Information of Japanese beauty community ,From this page.

Hollywood group   Hollywood beauty school. Grows at a noted place of Roppongi

IMAII         There is a lot of information of Harajuku

DEMI         There is a lot of information of beauty technology of hair care

Mr.Mogi   New Great Japanise Stylist in Beverly Hills


Team Jona Sun   Mode Studio Q's Solar-car Team

JonaSun Link    Team JonaSun's link page

Ogata          A substantial page of Ogata village

WSR            World Solar-car Rarrye

WSC          World Solar Challenge

ZDP            Zero to Darwin Project

TANTONY         Energy Promotion Club Japan News etc 

Simon        Solaemon, OSU, JonaSun・・・  

Futura Team      An Italian Solar-car team, Friend team of Jonasun

Malaysia.WSCC      1st Solarcar race in Maraysia

The others

Honda Twincam club There is a lot of information of Honda sports S800,S600,etc

Shirakabako Rodge  A wonderful hotel which on the shore of a lake of SHIRAKABAKO

Donpubin        Area activity groupe

Totocalcio--    Area activity groupe Totocalcio----

Gensaku Izumiya's world  Photo Gallaly etc

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