Team Hans Sun

2018 WGC Report

Dream of Hans san

Let's change the fat to electricity and run.

Let's make a healthy and beautiful future.

Hans Tholstrup
Mitsuba SCR project
Team Jonasun
Akita UC.

Project started 2017

Hans san & Chris san at the WGC in 2017
With Mitsuba SCR Project members at the WGC pit in 2017

Yume Tシャツ



made in Germany

World Green Challenge
in Ogata Japan

Green fleet class First place
Akita University's Kaito san and Aika san
Dr. Kamiya of Akita University as a main rider also presentation ...

Mr. Kamiya's performance was amazing
1st place in Green fleet class.
Awards ceremony
We are happy to report to Hans san in Australia.
An award was given ... thanks!!
Members of the Mitsuba SCR Project etc.
The presentation got high scores.
Mr.Yanagihara of Onozuka Seiki made two laps of continuous running.
Kaito san drive

Report of manufacture.

The chain was removed and the pedal generator was installed.

The frame is made by Green Speed Corporation of Australia
Simple and fun machine.
MITSUBA newly developed pedal type generator,

Simple and high efficiency

At the end of the left grip is an adjustment dial button for power generation torque.

At the end of the right grip are the accelerator volume, ammeter, totalizer

High performance direct drive motor mounted on the rear wheel,

MPPT for automotive solar cells
Machine upon arrival from Gumma prefecture to Ogata village
Lithium ion battery for race
Exchange with SHIMANO's SPD pedal
Equipment for car inspection immediately before the race is ongoing

Brake lamp and turn signal
It also serves as a reinforcing plate for the rear panel pillar.

It is equipped with a turn signal and a horn for the race inspection.

The Yume which finished the race decided to keep it in the village garage for a while.